5 Tips to Stop Food and Sugar Cravings

Are you trying to find the solution to stop cravings? In this video, I will give you 5 simple steps to follow to beat your sugar cravings.

Cravings are a nightmare for people trying to lose weight.

How many times did you find yourself on the edge of starvation, even you had something for eat, half an hour before?

And you are even confused on why you are still feeling hungry. What causes this?
Let’s start to say that your body relies on sugar to produce energy. ATP (Adenosine Tri-Phosphate) is a complex organic chemical responsible to provide energy to your body. To obtain ATP, Glycolysis is the process used by our body to convert glucose into ATP and therefore energy.
So, you need sugar, but you need to provide it in the proper way.
Here 5 steps on how to beat your cravings


1) Get the right foods in your diet

Adding in foods that balance your blood sugar levels and insulin such as healthy protein, fat, carbs and fiber. Protein sources like legumes, eggs, meat with a side of vegetables to provide fiber, minerals and vitamin, source carbs like wholegrains bread, wholemeal pasta or wholemeal rice and source of healthy fats like seeds, nuts, EVO, avocados will give you a sense of satisfaction and will keep you full for a longer period of time. Food is not creating peaks in insulin level as rich of fiber, water, minerals and vitamins which helps to delay sugar absorption

2) Drink Water first

You always mistakenly confuse the thirst cravings from hunger cravings. This is because our brain gives you impulses we don’t always decipher. Our sedentary lifestyle is not matching what actually our body is designed for, so we usually misinterpreted the brain request.
If you feel a craving, just drink a bit glass of water first and see if your craving disappears in around 15 minutes or so. If you provide enough water throughout the day you should avoid these cravings too.

3) Plan to have at least 5 meals a day

Three Main meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner and 2 snacks one in the morning and one in the afternoon, will provide your body with nutrients throughout the day and keep your blood sugar level balanced and steady
Snacks should always contain a source of protein of fat and carbs so you can provide your body with all the nutritional requirements. A snack idea can be a full-fat unsweetened yoghurt with mixed seeds, mixed nuts (about 30 grams in total) and a piece of fruit. I can assure your sense of fulfilment will be satisfied

4) Think of supplementation

Sometimes your busy daily routine will jeopardize your will to succeed in eating healthy. So your body will lack the proper nutrients, especially vitamins and minerals, required for a proper body functionality.
A multivitamin supplement on those days will help you reduce the risk of craving to appear and to avoid junk food that can increase insulin level fast and drastically. I will leave a link in the description for a couple of good quality supplements

5) Exercise, Exercise, Exercise but in the right way

Long cardio exercises like running, jogging, cross-trainer, bicycle are activities which are aerobic based exercises. So, your sugar requirements will increase, creating risks of cravings. At the beginning of your lifestyle changes, is better if you focus on anaerobic exercises, like light heavy lifting, body weight, yoga, Pilates where you are not creating a huge sugar requirement to your body.


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