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How to Make Falafel – Crispy Fried Chickpea Fritter Recipe

Do you think a small Italian like me and a dog can prepare delicious vegetarian Falafel??



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Welcome everybody on health me food.
Today a recipe. Falafel.

I Love Falafel. Krafen, my dog, love it too. But I am not giving him any. I am too greedy!

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Let’s start. I am having here a cup of dry chickpeas (you can’t use the canned ones for the Falafel)

For this occasion, I am using the Attack on Titan Cup, my wife bought me! I love it

Then I cover everything with water and cover it with a clean cloth.
Chickpeas will stay overnight soaking in water
And now ta-da I am back with a magic trick.

Let’s be honest I changed my t-shirt from green to grey and you didn’t even notice.

So ok what I do have here?

YES! I do have the soaked chickpeas which are now well drained and dried.

A food processor (yes always the cheap one I had in a previous video) and I am pouring the chickpeas into it

Ok, now I start to grind the chickpeas first. After a minute or so I will add 2 cloves of Garlic and grind again.

Then I am adding a small bunch of coriander and parsley. And start again. If you see people walking around that is my niece!!

Finally, I add half an onion and continue to grind.

Then a good pinch of salt, a couple of spoons of flour to thicken the whole mix.

Just a little stir and then I will add a good pinch of smoked paprika and cumin (or you can choose turmeric according to your taste

Then the mix is ready, and you can pour everything into a big bowl, cover it with clean film and put it in the fridge to rest and set for about a couple of hours.

Now, while everything is setting-down I am preparing some guacamole with 2 avocados, some lemon juice about a half, half of the tomato, a garlic clove, some salt and some tabasco to spice it up

In the video, I show you how to open an avocado. Cut it in half, and then remove the stone as shown (very easy)

Then with a spoon remove the pulp (very easy when the avocado is ripe). Put it aside for a while.

Then we work on the tomatoes by cutting it in very small pieces with a knife. Doing it with a knife will give you a better result, compared to the food processor. It won’t be smooth, but in my opinion will have a better texture, as you can taste the small chewy pieces of all the ingredients.

Then crush the avocados gently with a fork. Then add the tomatoes and continue the process.

Then I add the juice of about a quarter or half a lemon. Depending on your desired taste. More lemon will give a fresher taste.

Then a bit of Tabasco and then stir a bit

By the way, if you see shoes, shadows, feet, people….I had 3 ladies around while shooting this video. And they were noisy! It may be not professional, but it was fun!

Now I am finely chopping the garlic
Finally, I add it to the mix too.

And guacamole is ready after finally adding the salt and giving it another little stir.

I will put it in this bowl and will go into the fridge to set
You can also see my assistant the dog in the video walking around

With some hot oil ready to roll give mix the desired shape.

If the falafel goes in a pitta bread like this one I am preparing it today, give it a disc shape.

If not you can also give it a ball shape.

It is dark in this kitchen, isn’t it? It was evening sorry!
Continue until all the mix is finished

Remember to turn on the other side for a homogeneous cooking

While cooking I also prepared some tzatziki to accompany the falafel together with the guacamole and some diced tomatoes.

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It is all for now.

I am only left to say, Eat Well, Live Well and smile

See you next Wednesday


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