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The best diet



OMG! What are we talking about today? The best diet ever! Is there such a thing? Is something I believe was just a chimera!

Well it actually is…or it isn’t? Let’s discover it together. First of all I presume nobody wants to look like the photo below.

Obesity and best dietSorry it is actually a joke. It is a statue, but the main concern is that if you look like that because of what you are eating, you are at risks in many ways. High cholesterol, risk of hearth diseases, type 2 diabetes.

Best diet against diabetes

It is a long list of possible diseases some of those can be fatal.

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You can understand is it not a mere aesthetic matter, but it is something way more serious. Taking into consideration the possibility to change completely your eating habits it is a must. Processed food is nowadays filled with extra sugar, sodium, preservatives that negatively impact our well-being and health. We don’t even notice that. We are deep into the habits to find and prepare fast recipes,  eat food which is ready for consumption and so on. We never stop to analyze what is actually inside the food we eat. Does it nourish us properly? It is well prepared? Does it contain something possibly hazardous for our body? We don’t want to find time to answer these question because we are always on an eternal run. The image above it is actually only half of the problem. Obesity it is only a face of the medal. On the other side we have a series of pathology which are not strictly related to a weight increase.



Don’t get me wrong I am not judging anybody here. I was in the same situation until few months ago.

So what is the best diet? There is a particular scheme we can start? Or diets are just false promises for “gullible” people?

Well there are many diets around. If you are on my blog you probably tried one or some of those (Zone, Dukan, Aktins, South Beach, Mediterranean ) and so on. There are dozens and dozens of diets around and choosing the right one is confusing. But do we really have to choose? Most of us starts a diet to lose weight. But as I stated before diet doesn’t necessarily mean losing weight. You can actually need to gain weight. Are we making the right choice here or are we only confused by the masses? It is our main purpose to reflect the image below with a descending parabola?

How to lose weight with diet

The truth lies in the middle. Most of the commercial diets will work with some of us. But not with all of us. We mistakenly think our body like a car, where you just need to service it once a year (filters, oil, cooling liquid). But we are way more complex than that.

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Every individual metabolism is different and reacts differently to another person with equal stimulation. That is why the dietitian or the nutritionist are crucial at this point. They don’t follow a specific book. You are the book to read. And they deeply read every page of yourself. The cover, the foreword, every chapter. Only then they can customize your personal nutrition plan. They take into consideration your basal metabolism, your job, your sport activity, you age and may other parameters that can sound useless to your ears. But are not insignificant to the expert.

Avoid the “self-prepared” diet. Take the diet books into consideration only if a doctor (GP, Dietitian or Nutritionist) advise you it is safe to follow this diet.


Unless you suffer of a chronic o particular pathology which is affected by your dietary trends these are the main rules every healthy person should follow:

  • Always prefer raw fruit and vegetables
  • Always use wholegrain cereals
  • Reduce to a minimum quantity processed food (better avoid it completely)
  • Replace sucrose (table sugar) with healthy sweeteners alternative (Stevia, Xylitol, etc.)
  • Drink plenty of water (2 liters per day would be ideal)
  • Don’t concentrate too much on quantities at the beginning but think about quality
  • Prefer cooking methods which are healthy (oven, steam, etc.) to i.e. deep fried or BBQ cooked food
  • Have a general weekly plan (how many times and when to cook meat, fish, legumes, etc.)
  • Use good fats like Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Sunflower Oil, Butter and eliminate completely the bad ones (lard, animal fats, Margarine and similar)
  • Reduce alcohol intake (I personally drink once a week and my intake it is about 2 pints of beer)
  • Avoid carbonated drinks and prefer the home-made juice (there will be an article later in the blog about it)
  • Exercise a bit. A daily walk will increase your metabolism and keep you healthier and fit

There are articles already planned for the next few weeks to explain why you should take these advice into consideration. This will also help you to understand the reasons and won’t only be a list of things to do (I don’t want to become an annoying person) 😉


In few days we will publish in the nutrition advice section something you’ll really love. Do you know what a food log is? Briefly is a log of all food, and liquids you are taking. The log gives a good indication of your eating style habits.

The food log we will add in the section will be for a 3 days analysis. We will offer a free service. You can fill the log for 3 days (proper instructions will be added to explain how to fill it). Then you can send it back to us and we will reply you as soon as possible with a complete analysis of how your diet is at the moment and some advice on how you can improve it

The last thing I want to say…well you know already

Eat well, Live well and Smile 🙂

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