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BOOST YOUR ENERGY LEVELS – 4 Simple tips to increase energy with Nutrition

Today we discover 4 ways to boost your energy levels through food. After this video, I know that at least 2 billion people will hate me!


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Tip number one-increase the levels of vegetables in your diet.

I am aware that you will get bored with the same advice, but this is fundamental. Vegetables are an inexhaustible source of fibre, vitamins and minerals. With slow cooking methods or better, if consumed raw, they also conserve the nutritional values better. Dietary fibres are also food for the friendly bacteria who live in our stomach. Having a healthy digestive tract also involves helping our immune system and as such less work for our body that has a way to devote more energy to other activities. In addition, vegetables are rich in antioxidant phytocompounds that help protect our cells from oxidative risks caused by free radicals.


Tip number two – Do not skip meals

Our organism is accustomed to receiving a certain amount of energy every day at certain hours. So, it is prepared to have a source of calories and nutrients on a specific timeframe of the day. When we skip a meal, we are depriving it of the essential energy to carry on with the normal daily activities. Our brain at that point must draw the energies from our reserves, but lacking the expected dose of food, it puts our organism in a lower energy level. It basically lowers the metabolism. Why does he do that? He essentially thinks we have no way of finding food around. Our brain has evolved, and it is an organ that set our body according to the situations it is in, amending needs and reactions based on situations. If we want to keep our energy levels stable, we have to supply our bodies with food sources, which can be transformed into glucose, to allow all our metabolic processes to function properly


Tip number three-reduce the consumption of sweets.

I think you’re going to hate me a lot already. Although with tip number four, I think it will be pure hatred he he! However, you expected this one, let’s face it. In any case, you know it already very well, if you have followed my previous videos. I consider sugar as a drug or a poison. Sugar, triggering the insulin response, increases the energy status almost immediately. This makes us feel hyperenergetic as soon as we consume it, and then bring us back drastically, and unhappily, to a state of tiredness. And as usual, I’m not talking about the sugar spoon you add in the coffee. I’m talking about sweets, muffins, scones, brioches and carbonated drinks. Mind you, I didn’t say that if you eat a dessert once a week or if you drink a soda it’s a problem. But if it a daily habit, then you have a problem and you will always feel tired


Tip number four – drastically reduce coffee consumption.

Help, help now I’m in danger. You’re at least two or three billion people now hating me. I must point out here, that I drink an espresso every morning. But I do it just for the simple pleasure of the drink. There are some mornings I don’t drink it at all. Caffeine is a stimulant and has a drug-like effect on our organism. It is in itself an exciting drug for our nervous system, as it will form an almost instantaneous energy spike, as it increases the levels of adrenaline in the blood. But remember that it is only a short-term effect, which will be followed by an energetic debt. The problem of caffeine is that the more we consume it, the more the quantities that our body needs, will increase exponentially. Reduce coffee consumption or opt for decaffeinated or other types of beverages. If you have become caffeine addicted you will notice it immediately, because ‘ the moment you want a coffee, but you do not have it, you will become nervous and you feel deprived of energy. Well now hate me well!


The last bonus advice I want to give you is to use moderation.

There are no so-called “super foods” or energy supplements that solve your energy problems. Nutrition is a science that is constantly evolving, in which moderation and common sense must always prevail, precisely because ‘ things keep changing. If you remember there is the famous saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Fact that teaches us that fruit is good. But try to eat 10 kg of apples every day and then you tell me. The message I want to pass is not to give up forever and without any comeback to coffee, sweets, carbonated drinks, and so on. My message is that with common sense you can always consume what you want. But do it with awareness of the facts. Knowing exaggeration brings with it: chronic diseases, cancer, cardiovascular disease and so on. Are you good ? So, Behave. I am counting on you


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I am only left to say Eat well, Live well and Smile!

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