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Healthy Breakfast to Lose Weight

Can we plan an healthy breakfast to lose weight? Is breakfast the most important meal of the day? Let’s see!

In the morning when I wake up I am really a spring. I jump off the bed so fast I can’t believe that is really me. The reason? It wasn’t the same few months ago. As I mentioned in previous posts I have an immune system disease, and I struggled at the beginning. I had to adjust my life, my nutrition, my job in a proper way.

Nutrition played a huge part in this improvement. We are what we eat!  English Healthy Breakfast to lose weight

You need to plan all your meals. By planning I don’t mean you need to know precisely the weight of each ingredient. I just want to say you really need what is good for you, how to cook it or if it is better to eat it raw. How to mix an match the ingredients to have a balanced meal and knowing what your body required to go throughout the day and the whole week.

If you are planning a weight loss these information are more important to you. Diet should never be self-planned but always advises by a professional like a dietitian or a nutritionist. In doubt ask your GP.

In this article we start from the very beginning. Breakfast!

How do I plan an healthy breakfast to lose weight?

This is a good question. But a starting question should be. Do I really need breakfast?

This is a really tricky thing. You always hear that breakfast “it is the most important meal of the day”. 

I am not saying it is not true. I am one of those person who give breakfast a huge part of my daily calories intake and importance. What I meas is that there are certain people who can’t really have breakfast due to some glycemic imbalances. Even a slice of bread can cause a glycemic peak in one of these individual. I just wanted to pointed out this particular situation

Having said that…what should you eat for breakfast? Is there a way to lose weight if you plan a good breakfast?

Your aim should be to give yourself a good boost of vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, proteins and fats to start your day. Your breakfast should be a “container” of goodness and health! If you eat healthy from your breakfast onward throughout the day, your weight loss will come automatically. Your sense of fullness and satisfaction will be the key card of your success in losing weight.

So what should I eat?

Main aspect is eat what you like the most among the healthy choices. A plan to lose weight is based also on personal taste. If somebody would force you to eat something you dislike, your nutrition plan will end miserably. Second aspect is to diversify from day to day your meal. Eating the same thing every morning will only result in a failure. These are some easy guidelines for you to plan a healthy breakfast which in the end will help you to lose weight too.

    • Differentiate your breakfast. I personally have 3 different breakfasts per week
    • You should always have a base of Vitamins and Minerals, so fruit and vegetable are a must
    • The 3 macro nutrients have to be there (Proteins, Fats and Carbohydrates) in proper quantities
    • Free added sugar should not be used. Sweetener (I personally like Stevia) should be used. See below a good quality Stevia I personally use


What do I get for breakfast?

I’ll tell you what I eat during the week. You can try it too and let me know what you think about it

Healthy Breakfast to Lose weight

As I said before I have 3 different type of breakfast and I variate it based on my preferences.

Every morning I prepare myself a centrifugal juice. You can find the recipe of the ACE here. But I don’t drink ACE every morning. I change the drink based of what I have in the fridge. I often add celery, apple, tomatoes, ginger, cucumber. Just make your own blend based of what you would like to drink that morning. I can assure you that will hoard vitamins and minerals without any hassle.

On this I add the proper meal. On the week-end pancakes is the rule. You can find the sugar free recipe here . I have more time during week-ends so a treat is worth it.

My second breakfast is a natural yogurt (please please please NO ADDED SUGAR) with a nuts and seeds mix. You can find a very good quality at this link (or by clicking the image below)

Nuts and Seeds mix

The seeds and the nuts are unsalted and are a great source of good fats. Don’t use more than 25/30 grams of mix. You can add the mix to a salad later on during the day. In this case split the 30 grams. Half in the morning and half later in the day. I love it all in the morning 🙂 , with a huge 250 grams white plain natural yogurt!!

And finally

Then I don’t want to sound too boring but I am going for the traditional! Two slices of wholegrain , home made bread with some good quality peanut butter. I personally use Meridian. There is nothing added. No salt, no palm oil nothing else really. That is why I love it. And then a splash of good quality honey to complete the taste (peanut butter in its natural way can be strong taste). I will add the recipe of my bread soon in the blog. 🙂

I hope you can wait for it….won’t take long don’t worry.

You can eat something else if you want. But please pay attention to cooking methods. If you want you can prepare 2 eggs (sometimes I do it on during the week ends). But prefer the poached or the boiled ones. If you want to cook it scrambled in a pan, please avoid any oil or butter. Would be a waste of “health”

If you want once a week you can give yourself a treat and so an exception on your eating plan. I sincerely do it every 2 weeks but once a week is not a tragedy. So if you want a full Irish / English breakfast don’t feel too guilty. Just don’t go more than once a week. Remember it is a treat not a rule!!

Well I hope you enjoyed the article. I will be going now…it is 3 AM! I wish you a great day and remember

Eat well, Live well and smile! 🙂


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