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How to make Healthy Vegan and Vegetarian Burgers – Chickpeas and Veggies Burgers

If you are either Vegan, Vegetarian or omnivorous you are going to love these delicious Chickpeas and Veggie Burgers

Welcome back, everybody.

Today I am going to explain how I prepare my chickpeas and Veggie Burger.


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For this recipe I am going to use:

250 grams of drained canned chickpeas
80 grams of canned sweetcorn
A small bunch of coriander
4 sage leaves
A white, 2 red and on orange carrots I got from my mixed box at the organic supermarket
1 onion
1 clove of garlic
40 grams of corn flour
40 grams of whole grain flour
40 grams of breadcrumbs


Did you see the dog in the video? That lazy, cheeky assistant is on the run! Doing nothing but running!!

I am also accompanying the burgers with some home-made tzatziki. You will find all the instructions later in this video
So now let’s start.

First, you roughly chop the carrots and the onions
We need to saute everything with some extra virgin olive oil
Stir while cooking to have a homogenous cooking

Now we add everything into the cheap, old useless food processor. I need to buy a new one…
With the intermittent button. We want to have some nice chunky pieces of vegetables to chew in the final burger

Put the result in a bowl

After a fast cleaning to the food processor, I add the chickpeas, the sweetcorn, the sage and the coriander.

Then the garlic, the corn flour, the whole grain flour, the breadcrumb

To add a nice flavour, I am also adding some spices.

Garam Masala, Cumin and black pepper

Then a pinch of salt. Start to grind with the intermittent button first and then after a bit with the normal intensity.

Throughout the process give a little stir to mix well all the ingredients

Then pour the result into the bowl where you have already the sauteed vegetable and mix together with a spoon.

Then you start the dirty job and you start to work the mix with your (hopefully washed) hands. 🙂

Start to form balls of the desired quantity and slowly give them a burger shape.

From this mix, I obtained 4 big burgers

All goes into the fridge to set for about 30 to 40 minutes.

Meanwhile, I prepare the tzatziki.

I used 250 grams for Greek Yogurt (if you are vegan you can use a vegan yoghurt), a thumb-long piece of cucumber, a clove of garlic and some extra virgin olive oil.

I start to cut the cucumber into very small pieces. I want it nice and small, but at the same time I don’t want to use the food processor as I want to have those crunchy bits

After working for a while the mix and told the bowl to get away from me (did you see I slapped the yoghurt bowl), I drain the cucumber with some kitchen paper and add it to the yoghurt and give a little stir

Then I add the extra virgin olive oil and chop the garlic.

Mixing again all together and the tzatziki is ready to go into the fridge until dinner time arrives!

Now I just slice some tomato to be added as a condiment and a source of Vitamin C (this tomato has a nice shiny red colour!).

Now it is time to cook the burgers.

I heated up a small amount of oil and I cook 2 burgers at the time at a low/middle heat.

Turn on the other side after 2 or 3 minutes
Repeat the process one more time, to cook each side perfectly
If you want to go full vegan skip the cheese I added at the end or use a vegan cheese (these are 2 small slices of parmesan).

If you are vegetarian got for it.

If you are omnivorous, you don’t care anyway!

The cover with a lid to finish the cooking and help the cheese to melt

Now we are almost ready. While you can see my niece feet and her agony waiting to eat, you can prepare a side salad with some spinach, black olives and some sweetcorn.

The bun is on the plate.

I spread some tzatziki, then add the burgers and 2 slices of a tomato. A bit more tzatziki and that is it.

I really hope you enjoyed the recipe as I enjoyed the burger for dinner.

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It is all for now. See you next Wednesday

Eat Well, Live Well and Smile!

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