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Immune system boosting foods

Is there really Immune System Boosting foods? 

Some say that food can interact with our body functions to enhance the immune system. But is this real?

Well for sure we don’t want to end like the 2 teddy bears in the photo below 🙂

The reality is that there is no such food. But we can help for sure our body. How? By providing it with a wide range of nutrients and minerals which can keep homeostasis.

If you don’t know what homeostasis is I will explain you now.

Homeostasis strange word?

Well, basically homeostasis is the equilibrium and balance that the body reaches into his internal environment. This result is reached by the constant interplay of all body regulatory process. In order to keep homeostasis to run smoothly, we need to provide our body with the right nutrients and with a proper lifestyle which avoids stressful situations, and useless excesses.

Having said that there is a lot we can do with our nutrition to help our body to be in good shape to battle

Let’s have a sort of list of what can help us to battle infections and diseases in a more proficient way

  • Honey – it works as a natural antibiotic and helps to keep disinfected against bacterias
  • Yoghurt – with the natural presence of good bacterias helps the immune system and helps natural gut flora
  • Garlic and Onion – work as natural antibiotics and antifungal and helps to reduce inflammations
  • Green Tea – contains a substance called Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) which is studied to have effects in reducing the activities of HIV virus (this study is still at the beginning), by helping T-Lymphocyte and CD4. PLus it helps against auto-immune diseases
  • Fruit – and particularly the ones in high contents of Vitamin C (citrus, berries) and rich in potassium (bananas)
  • Spices – all of them as there are so many with important functions. Most of the spices help to detox your body (black pepper, ginger, cinnamon)
  • Raw Vegetables – as much as you can using the “rainbow method”. A mixed salad with different vegetables with different colours will grant you a mix of nutrients. Make sure to have cabbages, carrots, beetroot, chicory, radicchio, tomatoes but feel free add more.
  • Sport – be sure you exercise regularly as you won’t imagine how much this can help. Your body will increase the immune defences


So will I be healthier now?

As said before these will not cure you or will not prevent diseases, but a body with a balanced diet and a wide range of nutrients have better recovery performances and will be inclined to avoid diseases.

You can also be adding a multivitamin supplement. It does not solve the problem, but it gives you a foundation of all the minimum RDA for each mineral and vitamin.

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Hope is all for today.

So remember

Eat Well, Live Well and Smile!


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