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LOSE WEIGHT WITHOUT DIETING! – 5 Simple Lifestyle Changes that can help you to lose weight Faster!

Weight loss is a challenge and a curse for somebody. Today I am going to give you 5 simple tips of lifestyle and habits change that can help you to lose weight faster


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Today I am going to give you 5 tips to help you through your journey to lose weight.

There will be 6 actually. The last one is a special bonus, as I considered the one I believe is the most important. It is the one that helped me the most.

So, stick to the end of the video

I the video I am planning for next week I will also give you 5 nutrition tips for weight loss

Weight loss is a damnation for most of us. I had this issue for most of my life. Weight gain is caused by so many variables that it is really difficult to manage.

But I think we can take some simple, basic actions that can help you through this journey. Are you ready? Let’s start


1 – Shop Groceries in a fed state
This can sound you silly and obvious, but it is not. Going to shop your groceries after a meal will help you to shop too much or even better you will avoid buying junk food, sweets, chocolate and so on.
I want to tell you a secret…I have some junk food in my cupboard that expired in 2015. Don’t tell my wife, please!

2 – Keep your home temptations free.
This tip is strictly connected with the previous one. If you want to lose weight fast you don’t need to have around you any junk, chocolate, carbonated drinks and so on. You need to be committed to your task. If you have any of these foods, I suggest you get rid of it. You can just bin it. It should not be a big waste of money. Or even better you can give it to the lady next door, the one you hate so much. In a few months, you will look healthier than her.

3 – Increase your muscle mass sport
Endurance sport is good to lose weight if you are a professional. If you are just jogging around, you won’t be able to lose weight with optimal results. Of course, any kind of sport will be beneficial for your health. But if you really want to optimize your weight loss, you need to focus on your muscle growth. When you lift weight to increase your muscle mass, some of the muscle fibres, snap and break due to the intense physical needs. When the brain, during the sleep, reconstruct the damages fibres, it adds also new fibres to “increase the bar” of your physical strength. This requires extra energy for the repairs and will increase the basal metabolism because new muscles require new blood vessel, new cells and so extra energy.

4 – A stress-free life
Stress negatively impact your cortisol level. Cortisol is a steroid hormone produced within the adrenal glands. This hormone impacts the sugar blood concentration by increasing sugar levels via a reaction gluconeogenesis. Sustained stress levels can interfere with the normal concentration of cortisol and so sugar level in the blood creating an allostatic load which is a particular situation when the normal body activities like sleep, concentration, hunger, mood are disrupted.

5 – Dieting is not a solution
A diet is a privation of the satisfaction that food is giving you. With dieting you need to watch calories intake, the percentage of micro and macronutrients or some food group completely are removed. So, unless you are a vegetarian or a vegan where you remove something for ethic reasons, you don’t need to start a diet. Neither you need to count calories or food portions. Your sense of fulfilment will come from the support you will give to your body with a balanced supply of healthy food like wholegrain, vegetables, fruit, good source of proteins, a good source of fats. When you start a proper nutrition plan, the weight loss will be only a natural consequence.

Now the bonus tip.
You need to feel ready to change. When people around you ask you to lose weight, you feel forced into it. If you are not ready to change your habits, the only outcome possible will be for you to fail and lose faith in yourself. And probably gain more weight. The day you will look at yourself in the mirror and you’ll think “I WANT TO LOSE WEIGHT”, you can start your journey. You are the only protagonist of your life. Your chances to succeed will increase exponentially.

It is all for now and I am only left to say, Eat Well, Live Well and Smile

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