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Multivitamins actually work. A fact or a myth?

Do multivitamins actually work as a fact or are we facing a myth? Let’s discover it together

We often hear about the importance of nutrition and the impact it has on our health. A correct and balanced diet should suffice to provide the correct amount of vitamins, minerals, macro and micro nutrients.

Even this is the main rule we still find supermarket and heath shop filled with products which are basic helping us in supplementing and integrating our daily nutritional intake. Some are multivitamins and some a single nutrient supplements. So are multivitamins actually works? Or are we in presence of a scam or a myth?

Are this products really useful? Or are we just facing the usual business scam?

You won’t believe it but it depends. In Europe the general guidelines don’t actually advise multivitamins supplements. We are advised to use supplementation only in particularly extreme lack of nutrients. A balance diet is believed to give all the elements needed.

On the other side of the globe and specifically in the US, supplementation is often advised. The reason is to give a small foundation of all necessary nutrients. A way to give your body a base on which to build your diet.

So who’s right?

Well what will you prefer? What are your idea? An orange like the one below is fine or do you need a multivitamins supplement to increase Vitamin C in your body? Are supplements fine for health and nutrition? Can replace food?

Vitamin and Multivitamin Orange

I don’t think supplements are so bad. And this come from many considerations. Before to enlist these details a piece of advice. Always read the labels. The information gained from it are crucial to understand what we are taking, he quality of it and the concentration. The same applies to food product also. There will be an article on labels

Which aspects do we consider?

  • Multivitamins are not medicines and don’t need prescriptions. The reason relates to the fact that the 100% of vitamins and minerals are usually only the minimum recommended daily allowance (RDA). This allowance is the necessary amount needed to avoid pathology connected to scarcity of a particular element. (i.e. Vitamin C under this minimum quantity causes scurvy)
  • For the same reason pointed above you will never risk to reach the maximum allowance of a particular element and you would never encounter side effects due to the over dosage
  • It is fairly impossible to obtain every day 100% of your RDA of every vitamin and mineral from your  from diet only. The effort needed would be high and not practical
  • Giving your body the possibility of having every day 100% of RDA is important for correct body functions and durability
  • Multivitamins are always produced for every age and are also customized for sex (i.e women, men, children, old people, women reaching menopause etc.)
  • For most of the nutrients taking double or triple time the RDA won’t do any harm. On the opposite will bring beneficial result.
  • When multivitamins are produced the bio-availability of an element is always considered. This is why for some element, like i.e. Vitamin K, are not present in high quantities. Vitamin K is present in both vegetable and animal source and lack of this element is almost impossible

So I take the multivitamins. I am fine now!

You are not. This may be an error. The integration is only helping you to have a good start with your allowance and will never replace a good nutritional plan. If you don’t follow a balanced and planned diet taking every multivitamin in the world won’t be any use. The same applies if you have a serious lack of an element. If you lack of a specific vitamin or mineral multivitamins supplementation won’t help you. In that case you should refer to a doctor which will prescribe a supplement aimed to cover your deficiency.

I would strongly advice to elder people to add to their diet a multivitamin. Many of the uncomfortable aches and pain sometimes thought to be brought by older age, can sometimes just be caused by a lack of a specific element and solved in matters of week with a supplementation

Which supplements should I take?

The market offers nowadays a huge amount of brands and dosage. You can seriously find whatever you want. Chewable, flavored, colored, in pills or drops. Really there is plenty. My suggestion, if you never used a multivitamin supplementation is to start with one with high dosage and after you finished the bottle, you can go to a lower one. Just in case you have a small lack of some elements you can bring thinks to a balanced point.

For the high dosage I can suggest you this product produced by a company called Quest and called super once a day. It contains for some elements more than 100% of RDA (more more more more 🙂 …I meant more, in case I wasn’t clear he he he )

After that you can go straight to the NU U Nutrition products. This is quite handy because it exactly contains 365 capsules. A full year of supplementation. That is not bad isn’t it?

In the end

Don’t be too suspicious on “conspiracy theory” on everything. Something juts look at the fact and make up your own decision. I am not forcing you to take supplementation, but I wanted to give you my clear idea on it

That’s all for today. See you on the next article and remember

Eat well, live well and smile :)!

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