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NUTRITION FOR WEIGHT LOSS – 4 Tips to lose weight without dieting!

You can lose weight through nutrition without any Diet. Follow me and I will give you 4 simple nutritional tips for weight loss!


I am a Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach. In this channel you can find, Nutrition Tips, Lifestyle Tips, Healthy Recipes and Much More!

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Welcome back on Health Me Food. My name is Pasquale and I am a Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach.

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Before to start a disclaimer is necessary.

The tips I am giving you are informational only. Before to start any eating regime, always consult your GP, your dietitian or your Nutritional Therapist who can direct you to the best nutritional plan for yourself.

I am not going to annoy you with tips like Eat more Vegetables, Eat more Fruit. Even Children know that. And I am sure you know these rules too. I will try to give you more practical tips

Tip Number 1

A breakfast rich of Proteins.

It doesn’t matter where you source your proteins, but at least 19 grams as breakfast are suggested. This will help you to feel full for a longer period. Proteins are, as you may already know, much more satiating compared to other macro-nutrients. I usually feel satisfied until my morning snack which is around 11AM. If you side your source of proteins with a little carb (like a slice of wholegrain bread) and some vegetable, like a tomato, then your sense of fulfillment will be kept for a longer time. A couple of eggs cover this amount of proteins easily, but you choose what to eat.

Tip Number 2

Organise your plate.

I am a huge supporter of the single plate. And being an Italian, I understand this is quite painful.
But a single plate, with all you need in it, is a better solution. Always mentally divide your plate in 4 quarters. In the first quarter, you put your source of proteins, i.e. chicken, in the second quarter your source of carbs, i.e. wholegrain rice. The remaining half of the plate must be occupied by vegetables. Your source of fats should come from either condiment (like extra virgin olive oil) or a mix of seeds an nuts you add to your plate. Start eating the vegetables. You will eat less as vegetables are rich in fibres who fill the gut with their volume

Tip Number 3

Use the Rainbow rule.

When you prepare your salad use the rainbow rule. So, add as many colors as possible from different type of vegetables. All in one plate. Beetroot, carrots, lettuce, peppers and everything you like. The more colors you have, the wider range of minerals and vitamins you will introduce in your body. Once you start doing that your energy levels will surely rise as you are getting the most of your nutrition. Always prefer raw vegetables as heat can dissolve and destroy vitamins and then the nutritional value of your vegetables will drop. You will still get a lot of fibres, but you won’t get the most of it. If you want to cook, use gently type of cooking for a shorter time, like steaming of stir-frying.

Tip Number 4

Avoid Fruit Juices

Fruit Juices are just garbage if you want to lose weight. They don’t come with all the fibers contained in the fruit. And Oxidation occurs to any fruit after has been sliced or processed. So most of the Vitamins are lost. You are only getting Fructose, sugar, which is not good for you. Please eat your fruit whole and possibly with their zest. You will get the most of it. A crazy nutritional alternative, if you like juicing, is to get a centrifugal juicer, like the one I have a prepare vegetable Juice. That will be great. I will leave you the link of the one I use in the description below. Vegetable homemade juice will not be affected by oxidation, as you are consuming it on the spot. And more important vegetables don’t contain all that sugar. More the fibres that get separated in the juicing process, can be added later to your stews of soups as a further source of fibers. Great isn’t it?
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It is everything for now.

Eat Well, Live Well and Smile

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