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Recipe of Home made Multivitaminic Juice ACE

Multivitamin healthy home made juice ACE

What do we prepare today? Why don’t we make an multivitamins home made juice called ACE? An healthy and natural drink. In the article the recipe for our home-made version 

Finally May is here. We are close to the warm season, where temperatures rise and we can get rid of those annoying jumpers and jackets.

With temperatures rising you start sweating so you will need to buy deodorants (please odors don’t disappear like in Lovecraft novel). Anyway we also need to integrate liquids, vitamins and minerals lost during perspiration.

First way should always be through water, still or sparkling, whatever your prefer.

However it is just perfect to drink something else. Like a smoothie or a fruit juice. Nothing processed but only home made. My wife and I love to prepare centrifugal juice. from both fruit and vegetables.

I am preparing a list of juice recipes for all of you who reads my blog. Once available I will inform you straight away. Meanwhile for some ideas you can click this link to find a good source of recipes of smoothies and juices.

So do we prepare an home-made juice?

I was saying. My wife and I LOVE home-made juice. And by preparing ourselves we are sure about many things. We stockpile a natural multivitamin. Minerals and vitamins in great quantities without restrictions. Maybe the only one will be the amount of fructose and sucrose naturally contained in fruit. You can customize your mix at your taste.

You can use celery, beetroot, carrots, spirulina (an algae with an high contents of Vitamin B12), peppers, ginger root. And obviously fruit like pears, apples, and so on. And as I promised a recipes book will soon be available with all nutritional details as I usually do in this blog. Having said that a question comes naturally. When to drink an home-made juice.

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We personally prefer in the morning with our breakfast, but sometimes we drink it in the afternoon as our snacks. And for afternoon snack we always prepare the ACE juice.


Why do we call it ACE?

With the acrimonious ACE is intended to indicate the type of vitamins contained in the mix. There are only 3 ingredients and are Oranges, Carrots and Lemons.

So whatever you need for this juice it is in the photo below? 😀

Ingredients for the recipe of the Multivitamins Juice ACE
Ingredients for the recipe of the Multivitamins Juice ACE

OK we’ve got all the ingredients now. We need now 2 pieces of equipment. A citrus squeezer and a centrifugal juices. If you don’t have a squeezer it is not a big issue. You can squeeze with your hands. Just remove pulp and seeds from the liquid.

Centrifugal juicer it is essential. I can suggest 3 different ones with different prices, base on your needs. If you are just starting or you don’t prepare many juice you can chose the Moulinex JU2000. This is actually he first one I bought and it is still working perfectly. So I can assure you it is great quality.

The second one is AIOK, A great product with great features and a jug where to gather the juice directly from the juicer.

Finally BRAUN J300. My favorite one with a fair price and many features. It is the centrifugal juicer I use at the moment. It is a great product and does not cost and arm and a leg.

Unless you own a bar or you prepare a huge quantity of juices I won’t advise to buy anything more expansive than that. You don’t need it

Which ingredients for the ACE juice?

Now let’s see the details of the recipe. How many oranges, carrots or lemons to we need? There is no right answer to be fair. It really depends on your personal taste. Adding more carrots will give you a sweeter sensation, while having more citrus will increase the sour taste.

Below it is my personal “configuration” for the kind of taste my wife and I love the most. I guess you may like it too as I found this ratio a good balance.

At the bottom of this post you will find all nutritional information

So for 2 people (a generous glass of juice each) I use:

2 big Carrots 

1 big squeezed Orange

1/2 squeezed Lemon

How does the juice look like? As in the photo below. Just beside my sugar free pancakes. Do you remember the recipe of those pancakes. You will find it if you click this link


Multivitamin ACE Juice
A glass of ACE juice beside some sugar free pancakes



As you can imagine is an easy preparation. You have just to squeeze both orange and lemon. Centrifuge the carrots and mix the liquids. If the taste is too strong , you can dilute with a bit of water.

Nutrtional information are below. I don’t need to mention that this is suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans.


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Are we really in presence of a multivitamins juice?

Let’s look at the diagram of macro nutrients below.


ACE Macro Nutrients Details
Macro Nutrients details

As you can see the majority is carbs. Clearly coming from fructose and sucrose naturally present into the main ingredients.

Let’s see below the calories intake for both 100 gr and the full glass of circa 250 gr.

ACE Calories Value

As you could imagine calories count is small. Furthermore if you add water as suggested before the calories intake will be further reduced

Finally a scheme of all other nutrients detail

Nutrients details for home Made ACE Juice

A you can see Vitamin A it is very present. Higher than the rest. It is not actually directly present. Bu beta-carotene is. This is a natural precursor of Vitamin A.

So it is a good juice. But we could have a better Vitamin mix if we would have added something extra like celery, tomato, spinach or even half a teaspoon of spirulina.

But we could not call it ACE juice. Eating (or drinking as in this case) it is a personal pleasure. Until we are talking about healthy food or drink, it is always fine.

A couple of considerations before to close this post. First the glycemic load and the glycemic index (you find both as GL and GI in the last image). Those will be slightly different from the one you see in the image as the dietary fiber coming from carrots will be lost on the process. So sugars wll be absorbed faster that indicated.

What do you think we can do with all this dietary fiber from the centrifuge? We use it for a couple of things. As a part of our home-made compost for our garden. Or we use it as an extra ingredient to our dishes like soups, or stews as an additional part of dietary fiber. Remember that fiber is very important. There will be a future post on this blog on this subject.

And that’s all. As usually

Eat well, Live well and Smile! 🙂

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