Here you can find the list of our services. The list is not exhaustive of all services I can offer.  But almost everything is here.

Please find a list of all prices I offer for my services. Below also a simple explanation of how the consultation process works

How the consultation works

First of all, I’d like to mention that I prefer to meet you in person. A face to face consultation is very productive. But Skype consultations are also available.

    • Our first meeting will last about one hour. The follow-ups are around 45 minutes
    • Before our first meeting, I will send you 2 different forms to fill. The first one is a questionnaire in which I will aks many information, which will include your medical history, symptoms and a detailed three-day food diary. The second one will help me to address your minerals and vitamins imbalances or deficiencies
    • During the consultation, I will gather as much information as possible. In this way, I will build a picture of your lifestyle and nutrition and connect all your symptoms to these aspects
    • After I acquired all the information I will suggest you of some changes in your lifestyle and nutrition based on your readiness to change these aspects. All changes will always be achievable for you, so to avoid that usual sense of overwhelmingness we face when we need to change our habits
    • All recommendations and suggestions will always be agreed with you. I will not change your life. You will!
    • After the consultation, I will email you some sheets where I will outline the decisions we made, and some recommendation sheets which will explain how to implement the changes, meal ideas, recipes and everything  valuable for you to reach your goals