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Sugar Free Healthy Pancakes




Let’s be honest. Eating is great. It is one of the most satisfying things in our life. But how can we conciliate healthy nutrition with good food? It is not that difficult. We must be able to balance the taste we like with the healthy habits. I suggested you to concentrate on food quality rather than quantity. It was mentioned in the article “Best Way to Handle Stress

My wife loves pancakes so I thought about the best recipe I could make to have a healthy and tasty option. At the end of the recipe you will also find the diagram explaining the macro and micro nutrients intake and some general explanations on my choices (which you can find very confusing when you will look at the table of the ingredients).

Below the list of the ingredients and the method of preparation. The total will serve about 6 pancakes.


160 ml of Whole Milk

70 gr of wholemeal wheat flour

30 gr of wholemeal Spelt flour

1 egg

20 gr of unsalted butter

10 gr of Almond flour

5 gr of sodium bicarbonate

1.5 gr of Stevia powder (if possible with Inulin or any other added edible fibre)

1 gr of Cinnamon powder


Mix in a large bowl the 3 flours (Spelt, Wheat and Almond). Add the Stevia, the Cinnamon and the Sodium Bicarbonate.

Whisk to amalgamate.

Then add the milk while whisking to avoid clumps.

Add the egg and whisk again. Meanwhile melt the butter in the microwave (or in bain-marie if you don’t own one) and then add it to the mix while whisking.

Sugar Free Healthy Pancakes

Let it rest for 5 minutes. Meanwhile heat a small pan to a low/medium temperature (you don’t want to burn your pancakes). Gently pour with a large spoon or a ladle the desired quantity of mix into the pan.


Sugar Free Healthy Pancakes

Once almost dried on the top turn on the other side to cook evenly.


It is simple. Let’s see below the nutrition facts. As you can see there is an unbalance between protein and fat (from the usual ration 40 carbs, 30 proteins and 30 fats)

The reason is I have my morning snack around 10:30 AM and I add the missing protein at that stage

The average calories intake for 100 grams and per single portion are below

Please consider that I didn’t add any toppings as this may be only your personal taste. I strongly advise to avoid jam or marmalade for the high sucrose content. If I need to add something I prefer honey or peanut butter (but only a small amount as it will increase the fat intake even if we are talking of good fats). If you have some allergies  there is a label just below which indicates everything that can cause allergy

I am also adding a full description of the amount of micro and macro nutrients below. It is a list I will publish for every recipe I will add to this blog. As you can see the amount of sodium is quite high. You will find later in the blog I almost don’t use table salt and this is just an exception I make (from Sodium Bicarbonate)



Please let me know if you like this recipe and remember

Eat well, Live well and Smile!

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