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Where to start? Well from the beginning I presume. My name is Pasquale and I am a Nutrition Specialist. I am Italian but I live and operate from the Republic of Ireland where I live with my wife and my lovely dog Krafen.

This blog is intended to be a guide for everybody looking for a better knowledge of nutrition. Simple questions sometimes seem to have complicated answers. But it is not the truth.

Sometimes it is complicated just the way the question is answered. I will try to help everybody by keeping all the science in every article, but with an easy terminology. I will give hints on how to lose or gain weight. Explain the importance of the nutrients and the functions in the body. How nutrition can affect your health and how to behave in the presence of diseases. I will review type of foods in broader terms (yogurt, milk, oil, etc.) and comparing pros and cons among specific brands. I will also look at all the external variables which can influence bad eating habits (stress, depression, personal problems).

I want to share my knowledge with you, help you and guide you to a process which sometimes seems too difficult.


If you want me to add a specific subject you can send me an email to this address and I will surely try to publish an article on it as early as possible.

Even if the articles will be kept on a scientific level, I hope you will find this blog different from the others. Irony will always be a part of it as without a smile life is worthless.

You can also follow me on my Youtube channel or on my Facebook page.

This blog will be written in both English and Italian, my native language.

But now it is time to stop talking about me. Let’s start and remember,

Eat well, Live well and Smile!

Pasquale Riganello

Nutrition Specialist

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