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WHOLEGRAIN FLOUR FOCACCIA RECIPE – With Green Peppers and Rosemary!

Would you like to prepare this delicious rosemary and peppers focaccia with me? Follow me in this video and I will give you my own recipe!



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Today I prepare my own version of the famous focaccia.
If you see my shirt dirty with flour, I was the victim of a vile assault by some packets of flour, which had encircled and attacked me viscidly. But I won!

As for toppings over the focaccia, I will use a green pepper, rosemary and some sea salt.


For this recipe I will use the following ingredients:

600 g stone-ground wholemeal flour
50 ml extra virgin olive oil
9 grams of salt
6 grams of sugar
340 ml lukewarm water
A sachet of about 7 grams of dehydrated yeast

Now let’s start with the procedure.

In the bowl of the bread machine (this ugly thing you see in my hands) we add first the salt, then the flour. Calmly and cold-blooded, I don’t know if you’ve seen my shirt.

Then we put the sugar, the yeast and the lukewarm water.

Immediately after, the olive oil

Now the bowl goes inside the bread machine.

If you knead by hand, well good luck. Do a little work out at the gym first, because there is to knead and work the dough well until it becomes smooth. I hope you get out safely!

The program I use Kneads and let’s rise for about 45 minutes.

Now I lay the dough before me smoothing it a little with my hands.

Then pressing it from both sides to give the shape of the baking tray in which I’ll lay.

Now add some extra virgin olive oil on the bottom of the tray and we will adage the dough.

Work first on one side and then on the other to soak it evenly in the oil.
Now with the fingers, we give the classic shape of the focaccia with these holes unsightly, ugly and bad.

You can top or stuff it in the way you want it.

I will now add a pinch of cooking salt. Then a little rosemary of my garden

That with my superhuman strength, I will chop with bare hands and without fear.

Did you appreciate the style and strength?

Now I’ll cover it with a cloth and I’ll rest it for about 40 minutes so that it raises another little.

I have a knife in my hand for two reasons. Defend myself from the packets of flour and cut the green pepper that I have in my hand!

Now at lightly push with my fingers the peppers inside the dough. In the meantime, preheat the oven to 210 degrees Celsius (or 410 Fahrenheit).

Put it in the oven and cook for about 20 minutes.

All ready. Now, wait and Hope!

Are twenty minutes fast? A lot!

Here’s the result. With a closeup of the focaccia and in the video also the heck of a drying rack that I forgot with the intelligence of a starfish, just behind my back!

But the scent is really inviting. Give it a close-up.

I’m happy as if I had a baby!

Now the cut and serve it at room temperature

I remind you to follow me on social Facebook and Instagram where you will find photos of my dishes, or my Youtube channel.

You’ll make happy me and the dog.

I am only left to say Eat well, Live well and Smile


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